Adipex is a sympathomimetic amine, which is a stimulant. It is very similar to an amphetamine. Adipex is used for short-term medical obesity treatment in obese people. Despite the fact that Adipex is designed for weight loss, it passes into all fluids of the human body.

Adipex weight loss drug affects the central nervous system (CNS). People, taking Adipex pills, may experience psychic tension due to excessive CNS stimulation (excitement).adipex 90 tabs

Psychic tension symptoms in Adipex tablets therapy are nervousness, anxiety and sleeplessness.
Any drugs (including OTC) can cause psychic tension disorder.

Feeling of anxiety in Adipex tablets therapy may result from side effects, as well as accumulation, overdosage, intoxication or discontinuation. To reduce the anxiety during obesity treatment, the patient should reduce Adipex dose.

Lower Adipex dose will have minimal effect on the brain. Therefore, CNS is poorly stimulated, which reduces the severity of the alarm condition. Adipex tablets are recommended to be taken in the morning. Adipex stimulatory effect, just as the effect of caffeine, is reduced in about 6-8 hours.

Taking Adipex slimming pills in the morning will reduce the risk of sleeplessness. If a person takes diet pills 2 times a day, the second Adipex dose should be taken 6-8 hours before bedtime.

You can also try to reduce anxiety by eating foods. Emotional state is largely dependent on the nutrients that enter the brain.

Indeed, some products have a negative impact on the neurotransmitters of the brain and level of chemicals, responsible for feelings of anxiety and worry.

Therefore, you should eat only healthy fats, while taking Adipex pills. To maintain mental health, it is recommended to use such fat-containing products, as raw nuts, seeds, avocados, and flaxseed.

Feeling of anxiety can also be caused by magnesium and calcium deficiency. A sufficient amount of magnesium and calcium is found in seaweed, fruits, and vegetables. Increase your intake of leafy greens, whole-grain bread, lean meat and fish varieties.

It is also recommended to exclude alcohol during drug therapy with Adipex. Some people believe that alcohol helps to relax and unwind. In fact, alcohol only increases anxiety and depression.

Refusing coffee, black tea, sugar and bakery products made with white flour, during the obesity treatment with Adipex, also helps reducing anxiety. When using Adipex pills, the patient should increase the amount of fresh juices, herbal tea and pure water.

  • Amino acid tryptophan also has soothing effect. People get this amino acid with food.

Therefore, to obtain a healthy level of tryptophan in drug therapy with Adipex, the patient should eat foods with a high content of this amino acid: eggs, cheese, beef, rabbit, lean lamb, poultry, cheese, beans and milk.

In clinical practice, anxiety treatment can contain drugs with sedative effect and antidepressants. However, therapeutic effect of sedative drugs and antidepressants is achieved in the CNS. Anorexigenic drug Adipex is contraindicated in concurrent use with other CNS stimulants.

Simultaneous use of Adipex with antidepressants of any class (Fluoxetine, Sertraline, Amitriptyline, Paroxetine, Selegiline, Tranylcypromine) may increase serotonin level. The combination of these drugs can cause cardiac valve disease. Antidepressant therapy is recommended after 14 days from Adipex discontinuation and 2 weeks prior to obesity drug therapy.

If you are taking antidepressants and now decide to buy Adipex no RX, you should be cautioned about the fact that serotonin syndrome may occur after the use of Adipex and antidepressants. Before buying Adipex online in the USA, you can find out an information about all Adipex side effects by phone or email.