Adipex is one of the trademarks of a well-known weight loss drug Phentermine. Safety and efficacy of Phentermine in obesity treatment was approved by the FDA. First, Phentermine appeared on pharmaceutical market in 1959. Since then, scientists conducted multiple post-marketing studies that all have approved the safety of Phentermine (Adipex).

Efficacy, safety and most of all, transformation features of Phentermine (Adipex) have been determined only in a wide medical use, since pre-registered clinical studies have had the wide range of restrictions.

Post-marketing and post-registered studies gave us the answers to many questions, occurred during clinical trials with Phentermine (Adipex). Safety, mechanism of action and Phentermine drug application were determined during the post-marketing research.

Post-registered research has shown that Adipex medication may cause side effects. When using Adipex weight loss pills, the following side effects may occur: dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, diarrhea, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. The most common adverse effect in anti-obesity therapy with Adipex is sleeplessness.

Therapeutic effect of Adipex starts in the brain. By acting on hypothalamus, Adipex inhibits the appetite. Given that Adipex is a central nervous system stimulant (CNS), the FDA approved it only for a short-term use (12 weeks maximum) in combination with diet and physical activity.

For weight loss, it is recommended to take one tablet of Adipex 37.5 mg (equivalent to Phentermine 30mg).
Taking Adipex slimming pills in the morning reduces the risk of insomnia.

After the intake of Adipex weight loss tablets, metabolism is accelerated; person feels high energy and working capacity.

  • Adipex stimulates the CNS, as caffeine does.

Just as caffeine, Adipex blocks adenosine receptors, stimulating the release of adrenaline and increasing dopamine level. Application of Adipex tablets provokes in the patient’s body some changes that excite the body and may cause sleeplessness.

Blocking adenosine receptors in the human brain, Adipex speeds up the nerve impulses, thereby inhibiting relaxation and increasing focus and reaction rate. High level of adrenaline after the intake of Adipex, increases the heart rate, blood pressure and blood inflow to muscles, provoking the glucose supply from liver depots into the blood. In fact, dopamine increases the feeling of cheerfulness, wellbeing and happiness.

When taking Adipex, obese people say that insomnia is only typical for people, who have never taken weight loss tablets before. All side effects pass in several days. At least this is what those people say, who have lost weight with the help of Adipex.

To reduce the risk of sleeplessness while using Adipex slimming pills, doctors recommend to quit drinking coffee and other beverages containing caffeine. Stimulating effect of Adipex lasts 3-5 hours. Therefore, people in whom Adipex provokes insomnia should take this drug at least 6-8 hours before sleep.

In addition, to reduce the risk of sleeplessness during anti-obesity therapy with Adipex, it is not recommended to do any physical exercises within 3-5 hours before going to bed.

  • The truth is that sport, as well as caffeine, provides stimulating effect on the body.

During physical exercises, all muscles are involved, increasing the metabolism and therefore intensifying the work of all organs and systems in the body. In the end, after an intense workout the body needs a lot of time to recover.

In order to improve sleep, person should air the bedroom before sleep, take a warm and relaxing bath and drink a glass of warm milk.

These recommendations help to improve the night sleep in people who use Adipex diet tablets and in those, who suffer from the sleeplessness for some other reason. Whatever the reason of insomnia, it must be cured.
As you know, human brain needs a rest to work properly.

Usually, restful period of the brain is 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. up to 5:00 – 6:00 a.m. Sleeplessness doesn’t let the brain to recover, overloading it even more. Because of sleepless nights, different violations of metabolism occur in the nerve cells. If not to cure sleeplessness, it becomes chronic and causes severe disorders in mental health.

At the initial stage of insomnia, one can try to restore his sleep regime by himself. However, this doesn’t mean that people can take medications on their own, especially combining them with Adipex. Before taking any sleeping pills, one should find out the true causes of his sleep disturbance.

Taking a sleeping pill without doctor’s prescription may worsen the situation and cause drug addiction. There is no reliable data on Adipex and sleeping pills drug interactions. Considering that therapeutic effect of most sleeping pills occurs through action on the brain, the concomitant use of Adipex and sleeping pills is not safe.
If you are taking hypnotic or sedative drug and decide to buy Adipex without a prescription, consult a healthcare professional before starting anti-obesity therapy. By ordering Adipex anti-obesity drug in the USA, you can get a free qualified pharmacist consultation.