1. How many kilos will I lose on Adipex?
  2. How much weight can I lose in a week with Adipex?
  3. Most weight lost in a month on Adipex.

The advantage of Adipex over other weight loss pills is that its appetite suppressant effect starts after intake of the first diet tablet. Adipex is a popular trademark of Phentermine.

Phentermine weight loss drug is on the market since 1959. During this time, people managed to study the weight loss drug Phentermine and reveal all its advantages and disadvantages.

Adipex is manufactured by a famous pharmaceutical company – Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. This company was founded over a hundred years ago. Today, Teva is a global leader in production of generic drugs, included in top 15 of global companies. Teva products are distributed to 80 countries.

  • The largest sales percentage (80%) was registered in the USA and European countries.

Adipex 37.5 mg tablets by Teva appeared on the U.S. market for the first time in 1980. In 1982, Teva released Adipex 37.5 mg capsules. Unlike Adipex capsules, Adipex tablets can be divided into 2 halves if needed. Adipex is one of the few weight loss drugs that contain Phentermine 37.5 mg dosage.

In the USA, people can also buy tablets of Phentermine hydrochloride that contain Phentermine 37.5 mg from such companies as:

  • InvaGen Pharmaceuticals, Inc
  • Elite Laboratories, Inc
  • Mirror Pharmaceuticals, LLC
  • Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc
  • KVK Tech, Inc
  • Lannett Company, Inc
  • Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories
  • Vintage Pharmaceuticals, Inc
  • Mutual Pharmaceutical Company, Inc

Adipex helps obese people to reduce up to 15% of their initial body weight, which is good for overall health. Along with reduced fat tissue, Adipex also:

  • Reduces the blood pressure level
  • Normalizes lipid metabolism
  • Reduces total cholesterol
  • Increases tissue sensitivity to insulin
  • Reduces low-density triglycerides
  • Increases high-density triglycerides

Clinical study revealed that it is possible to lose minimum 5% of body weight comparing to the initial weight. Medical workers say that this amount is quite enough to improve the overall health and restore normal work of the whole body.

In fact, 5% weight loss is sufficient for reduction of the glucose level in the blood plasma, improvement of triglycerides level and reduction of systolic and diastolic blood pressure index.

Regular use of Adipex within 3 months allows to improve your overall health, as well as to save the achieved result for 12 months. In addition, weight loss reduces your need for antidiabetic drugs.

  • Please note that Adipex is a short-term supplement, indicated together with a weight loss program.

Application of Adipex sliming pills alone, without diet and physiotherapy never causes weight loss. So, you can only get a maximum weight loss with Adipex, if you use it in combination with a low-calorie diet and regular physical exercises.

The truth is that Adipex only helps the body to launch the fat burn process by increasing the metabolic rate and energy level. Adipex is prescribed to obese people with a BMI 27 or above, including those who have obesity-related diseases (cholecystitis, hypertension or diabetes).

Anorexigenic drug Adipex is available in pharmacies on prescription only. One can get a prescription from a nutritionist. In addition, he makes an individual weight loss program, which helps to get best results with Adipex. As mentioned above, the weight loss program is made up individually, depending on the patient’s age, weight, diseases and of course – the result he is expecting.

It is a mistake to believe that one can become slim and fit within a month of using Adipex diet pills. Adipex contributes to a gradual and healthy weight loss. Therefore, a person can lose 1-2 kg within a week of using Adipex slimming tablets. Therefore, it is possible to lose about 6-8 kg within a month with Adipex.

Specialists claim that gradual weight loss modifies energy balance and restores the initial body weight.

  • In fact, gradual weight loss with Adipex reduces the energy consumption, preventing maintenance of normal weight.
  • Adipex weight loss success depends in many ways on person himself.
  • Adipex slimming tablets not only help to lose weight, but also work for a person.
  • Hence, one should not expect the diet tablets Adipex will work on their own.
  • The result depends on person’s wish to become slim and his willingness to change the dietary habits and lifestyle.
  • Compliance with a diet and physical activity after the end of Adipex therapy, allows to keep stable body weight for long time.
  • If needed, one can start Adipex anti-obesity therapy in three months after taking the last Adipex dose.
  • It should be noted that the treatment course with Adipex pills lasts for 12 weeks.

Using the weight loss drug Adipex for over 12 weeks may cause physical and mental dependence.

Besides, according to clinical trials, after three months of regular use of Adipex, its effect is significantly reduced and weight loss does not occur.

Before buying Adipex capsules online, you can learn information about their advantages and disadvantages by email. The USA residents can get a reliable information about Adipex by phone or email.