Diet medication Adipex helps control the body mass. Obese people, who take Adipex tablets, know that in addition to weight loss, these tablets speed up metabolism and increase energy. Obesity violates vital processes in the body (metabolism) almost in any case.

  • In particular, obesity violates fat, carbohydrate and water-salt balance.

Apart from the fact that slow metabolism affects functions of organs and systems in the body; it also provokes some obesity-related diseases. To reduce the risk of obesity-related diseases, one should lose weight. Adipex can be prescribed for weight loss. Increase of the fat tissue is usually accompanied by formation of excessive amount of triglycerides, fatty acids and bad cholesterol.

These changes of fat metabolism lead to atherosclerosis and gallstone disease. Weight loss with Adipex by 3-5 kg causes significant changes in fat metabolism and reduces the risk of related pathologies.

Besides, obesity leads to significant changes in carbohydrate metabolism: affects the function of pancreas, liver and increases uric acid in the blood plasma.

Even the slightest violations in the carbohydrate metabolism provoke urolithiasis and gout. Clinical research showed that regular intake of Adipex could reduce the amount of fat tissue in the body.

  • Therefore, Adipex improves the carbohydrate metabolism.

With the rise of obesity, the amount of liquid increases in the body. These disorders are explained by the change in adrenal hormones excretion, responsible for regulation of the water-salt balance functions of the liver and cardiovascular system. In the first days of taking Adipex slimming tablets, the body mass is greatly reduced due to excretion of excessive liquid from the body.

In order to keep normal water-salt balance in the body while using Adipex diet pills, it is recommended to limit the consumption of salt and salty foods. At the same time, during Adipex anti-obesity therapy, one should drink enough water (2-2.5 liters per day). This allows you to avoid dehydration and reduce the dry mouth sensation.

An increase of the body mass is accompanied by violated vitamin metabolism, which causes hypovitaminosis C and B. This pathology can be caused by improper eating. Thus, diet therapy and physical activity help to normalize the metabolism during the therapy with Adipex weight loss pills.

To reduce the body weight and speed up the metabolism, patient should take one Adipex 37.5 mg tablet. To increase therapeutic effect, it is recommended to take Adipex diet pills regularly at precise time daily. Usually, slimming capsules Adipex 37.5 mg are taken on an empty stomach in the morning or 1-2 hours after the meal.

  • One diet pill Adipex 37.5 mg contains 30 mg of Phentermine.

If Adipex 37.5 mg pills causes side effects (dizziness, nausea, diarrhea), patient should reduce Adipex daily dose. If person uses Adipex tablets to lose some weight and improve the metabolism, then he can take half a tablet – Adipex 18.75 mg (equivalent to Phentermine 15 mg).

If patient takes Adipex capsules to improve his metabolism and he needs to reduce the dosage, he can change Adipex for some other prescription weight loss pills, containing Phentermine:

  • Duromine,
  • Ionamin,
  • Suprenza,
  • Metermine.

To become slim, one can also use some over-the-counter appetite suppressant pills.

Natural alternative Adipex helps to improve metabolism. Phen375 is among these kind of diet pills.

Over-the-counter Phen375 drug does not contain Phentermine.
Phen375 contains herbs and synthetic amines that suppress the appetite, speed up the metabolism and increase energy.
Average weight loss with Phen375 per week – is 1.5 / 2.5 kg.
With Phen375, the patient’s body works on burning fat.

It is recommended to use Phen375 diet pills as well as Adipex, along with low-calorie diet and physical exercises. Natural pills Phen375 have no use limitations, unlike the prescription weight loss medication Adipex.

Therefore, a person can take them until he gets the desired result.

In order to keep the result after the withdrawal of Phen375, as well as after the termination use of Adipex pills, one should comply with balanced diet and physical activity. Proper eating habits along with active lifestyle allow to keep healthy metabolism.

  • Hence, these measures reduce the risk of obesity relapse.

Phen375 mechanism of action is similar to Adipex effect, therefore it is not recommended to combine these drugs. In a concomitant use of these medications, side effects can get worse, which may harm the patient’s health.

If you want to learn more information about Adipex pills or Phen375 pills, please ask all questions you have by email. Before buying Adipex or Phen375 pills online, you can get a pharmacist advice in any country of the world (including in the USA).