Obesity is a chronic disease, which can cause other diseases (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cholecystitis, heart disease and other chronic disorders). Obese people are hard to lose body weight, besides obesity has high risk to relapse. For effective weight loss and prevention of obesity relapses, a weight loss drug Adipex is prescribed.

Adipex slimming pills is usually prescribed as a short-term supplement to weight management programs (balanced diet and physical exercises). Adipex is designed for obesity treatment in people over 16 years old. Diet tablets Adipex are most often administered to treat exogenous obesity, caused by overeating.

  • The main goal of anti-obesity therapy by means of Adipex is to get and maintain normal body weight.

In order to maintain the body weight, achieved during Adipex drug therapy, patient must change his eating habits and increase his physical activity.

Clinical trials showed that 5-10% weight loss and its maintenance provide a positive effect on general health.
Weight loss, caused by the intake of slimming pills Adipex, reduces:

  • The blood pressure
  • The risk of type 2 diabetes
  • The risk of stroke
  • The risk of cardiovascular diseases

Adipex acts in the brain area, which is responsible for satiety, thereby suppressing the appetite and reducing the body weight.

  • In addition, Adipex has a strong effect on metabolic processes that contribute to weight loss.
  • Despite the fact that Adipex weight loss tablets were designed for a short-term use (3 months only), the anti-obesity therapy is a lifelong process.
  • Chances to maintain normal weight for long time become much higher, if person adheres to a diet and makes exercises regularly.
  • It is noteworthy that for safe and long-term weight loss, the diet a person chooses keep his weight normal, must be well balanced and healthy.

Low-calorie foods rich in vitamins, helps you to avoid vitamin deficiency and diseases, caused by malnutrition after the termination of Adipex diet tablets. Nutritionists recommend to eat large amount of fruit, vegetables, low-fat fish and meat, grains and beans in order to keep good results, achieved during Adipex anti-obesity therapy.

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