Reviews about Adipex Diet pills

William I started in Adipex Feb 16th. I weighed in at 308lbs, the heaviest I’ve ever been. As of March 27th I am now 260 lbs and going. I run 5 miles everyday and totally changed my life style. Drinking lots of water I probably go through a case and a half a week. I did experience the dry mouth and a serious boost of energy the first day I took it. After that it’s just been dry mouth but hey I’m accustomed to drinking a ton of water. If you change your lifestyle and hit the gym it works.
Isabella I’ve been taking Adipex capsules for 1 week now and I am down 11 pounds. I don’t exercise. The pill just makes me not want to eat. I have to make myself eat. I also have severe dry mouth, so I drink water way more now. The only other side effect I have is heart flutters. But I can handle that, because it happened to me before I was on Adipex.
Addison I am 100% happy with the results of this diet pill.I was able to eat small portions and stay with in my calorie intake for the day with ease. Love this product ! ! I found myself losing a good amount of weight in the first month and that just motivated me even more. Everyone can lose the 5 pounds then put back on 10. With this product the weight that came off was such a decent amount that I was never going to give up until I reached my goal. Three children later I was willing to except a little extra help and it sure paid off.
Elizabeth I lost five pounds in three weeks. I took the pill five days a week and took a break over the weekend. I definitely ate more when I did not take the pill. Overall, I have been eating healthy prior to taking the pill, but this has definitely helped me to avoid rush eating of sweets and other unhealthy things at times when I would be very hungry or stressed. The pill alone is not enough. Exercising on a regular basis makes a big difference. I’m looking to lose five more pounds by the end of this month.
Brooklyn My husband and I were on Adipex for 3 months before I got pregnant with our son. I had to quit taking it of course. However, our first month I lost 18lbs and my husband lost 29! In the 3 months we were on it we lost a total of 105lbs! It is definetly the best diet pill ever. The only thing I didn’t like was that my mouth was always dry. I couldn’t go anywhere without a bottle of water in my hand.
Alexis This is a very good diet pill. I have been able to lose 15 pounds fairly easily combining Adipex with the Atkins diet. I don’t have cravings, my appetite is normal and doesn’t drive me crazy all day. I’ve been taking Adipex for about 2 months now and have no side effects whatsoever. I did try the generic brand which was made by a different company and I did have the side effect of not being able to sleep. So I stick with the name brand.
Samantha My doctor prescribed Apidex-P just this week to me because I have a very large amount of weight to lose. She believes this will lower my blood pressure and I have lost 5 lbs since Wednesday eating between 1000-1500 calories. It doesn’t make me jittery or moody. It gives me just a little more energy and stops my cravings in between meals.
John I have started taking Adipex 5 days ago and I have lost eight pounds already.
This is a wonderful drug. I have been on and off of it for years. You can lose weight very fast with this pill. It really works if you want to lose weight. You may experience dry mouth. You don’t feel hungry, you have to make yourself eat. I haven’t been doing any kind of workouts, but plan to start.
I started out at 187 and now I am 179.
Katherine I am taking Adipex to lose weight. I started at 211, and in three months I’ve lost 33 pounds. That might not seem like much, but I am thrilled.
I have always been physically active, but my eating habits were so horrible I never lost weight. With Adipex, I do not think about food constantly like I used to. I truly feel like I have broken free of my obsession with food. I eat well balanced and reasonable amounts of food, and I never deprive myself of anything I want. I lose weight on these pills with or without exercise.
But don’t think this is a miracle cure, it’s a tool to help you. I hope you use the opportunity to change your life.
Janice I’m 23yrs old have I have been pregnant twice.
After my last pregnancy I’ve been struggling to get the weight off and nothing seemed to work. I’ve been told by many of my friends how great Adipex works but now that I’ve tried it myself I have had great results.
Weighing in at 257 on September 13,2010 depressed me, 3 days later I lost 8lbs. It suppresses my appetite and gives me energy but I get dry mouth a lot but drinking water to stay hydrated helps a lot. Overall I am happy with my results.”
Linda My miracle pill!
I am 22 and my starting weight was 235lbs.
Obviously not a good number. I’ve have tried every gimmick over the past three years since I had my son and nothing has worked. My mother and aunt both had great results, so I finally convinced my doctor to let me try this. Within my first week I had lost 7lbs, which was more than predicted by my doctor.
The following two weeks I lost another 6lbs. it may not be much, but for me its amazing since I haven’t been able to lose a single pound in the past three years.
No side effects yet(knock on wood), however it really does suppress your appetite. I’m not one to force myself to eat.
Brian I’m 39 years old height is 5 “4″ and I have been on Adipex for a month now and this medicine works. Before I weighed 19lbs and now I’m down to 181lbs.
I haven’t started going to the gym yet. I just watch what I eat. I take half of the tablet everyday around 10:30am. Yes I experience dry mouth but that helps in drinking lots of water. I had jitters the first week and that is gone now. It didn’t bother me at all because I have a set goal.
I just joined the gym and will be starting next week. I will update you after a week in the gym…
Good Luck to all.