Adipex weight loss drug stimulates the central nervous system (CNS), activates human motion activity and suppresses appetite. Activity, manifested after Adipex tablets intake, can be compared to drinking several cups of coffee.

Adipex slimming pills increase concentration, energy and physical endurance. In addition, patient eats a minimum amount of calories and does not feel hunger.

People, taking Adipex weight loss tablets, are recommended to reduce the amount of alcohol, coffee, energy drinks and caffeine-containing beverages. Given that Adipex and caffeine have the same effect on the central nervous system; their simultaneous use may lead to a sharp stimulant effect on the central nervous system.

Adipex in conjunction with a large dose of caffeine stimulates cortical cells in the brain and spinal cord and directly affects myocardium and kidneys. Simultaneous use of Adipex pills with large amounts of caffeine result in tonic-clonic seizures.

Large dose of caffeine in combination with Adipex promotes such symptoms, as: tremor, irritability, palpitations, irregular heartbeat, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea and sleeplessness. Caffeine makes it more difficult to fall asleep and keep an unbroken sleep.

  • In caffeine use, poor sleep quality is often unnoticeable even for the man himself.

Caffeine (tea, coffee, chocolate, cola, energy drinks) remains in the body for 12-24 hours, which can cause insomnia. Given that Adipex effect is similar to caffeine; their simultaneous use increases the risk of sleep disturbances.

To prevent the risk of insomnia, it is advised not to use caffeine-containing products for at least 12 hours before bedtime.

Coffee lovers are recommended to reduce coffee consumption to 2-3 cups of espresso, while in Adipex obesity therapy.

Use by anorexic people

Anorexigenic drug Adipex is designated as short-term supplement to a weight loss program, which includes a low-calorie diet and regular exercise. Adipex is prescribed for the obesity treatment in obese people with a BMI over 30.

Adipex drug may also be prescribed for the obesity treatment at a lower BMI, equal to or above 27, in obesity associated diseases (diabetes, cholecystitis, hypertension). Adipex is designed only for obesity treatment. Adipex drug is not recommended for losing a few kilograms to improve the body shape.

Adipex is contraindicated for obesity treatment in people with a history of mental illnesses, including anorexia nervosa and depression. Weight loss drug, Adipex, in people with a history of anorexia, can cause addiction. People, taking Adipex pills, may develop a strong desire to achieve the effect they want by increasing Adipex dose.

coffeePeople with a history of anorexia avoid discontinuation of Adipex, as well. Every time they try to stop taking Adipex, they fear that they have not yet achieved the desired result. For this reason, the FDA reports that Adipex is contraindicated for the obesity treatment in people with a history of mental illness, including anorexia nervosa.

Anorexia is a disease, in which a person has eating disorder and strives to lose weight. The patient constantly fears gaining weight and brings his body to exhaustion by starvation. In most cases, drug therapy in combination with therapeutic activities result in weight increase.

However, in people with a history of anorexia, a relapse occurs at the slightest weight gain. They seek to prevent weight gain by all the same ways used. Relapses are possible over extended periods. Therefore, people with a history of anorexia nervosa are under medical supervision.

Prolonged intake of anorectic Adipex may cause anorexia. Therefore, it is indicated only for a short period of time. Duration of anti-obesity therapy with Adipex is 12 weeks. Adipex abuse increases the risk of tolerance and reduces the anorectic therapeutic effect.

If a person has not reached the desired result after medical treatment course with Adipex pills, he can repeat it in 3 months from the end of the previous course.

  • It is contraindicated to take Adipex repeatedly, if the first treatment course with Adipex tablets resulted in weight loss by less than 5% of initial body weight.

Clinical studies have shown that after 12 weeks of Adipex therapy, the weight stops declining. Therefore, further treatment with Adipex weight loss tablets is meaningless. At the same time, nutritionists point out that patients should keep a diet and lead an active lifestyle even after Adipex discontinuation.

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