DRUNKOREXIA is a new term for the sadly notorious phenomenon. According to Western experts, about one-third of slimming women tend to refrain from calories that come from the food to “make room” for alcoholic beverages. They believe that they can keep a thin waist by “alcoholizing” it.

Guilty With Wine

Professional nutritionists and practicing doctors are concerned about the alarming “weight loss trend”: more and more women are showing DRUNKOREXIA symptoms, which is a specific eating disorder.

DRUNKOREXIA (aka Alcorexia) has not yet been recognized as an “official” mental disorder, yet the professionals are aware of it for over 3 years.

People with this disorder are overly concerned about the problem of excess weight, and are sure that they should replace foods with alcoholic beverages, if they want to lose weight.

“Alcohol diet” got in one row with anorexia and bulimia at the beginning of the 21st century.

The first wave of DRUNKOREXIA captured older students, whose working parents found it easier to give their children some money for food than to organize family meals.

Enterprising youngsters realized that they can use money for some fun, and began to save on food to have enough money for adult fun.
According to psychologists, Girls tend to show the tendency to such “tricks” three times more often than boys.

In addition, their motivation, is initially dictated by financial reasons, can be easily transformed.

Concerned with their look, young people trying to lose weight fast choose alcohol, since they see several benefits in comparison with a banal purchase of dinner:

Drinking dulls the sense of hunger

Alcohol provides fewer calories than the “normal” food

And today, the experts have a new warning for us: DRUNKOREXIA has “matured”, but its essence remains the same. While five years ago, students were buying a bottle of wine not for dinner, but instead of dinner, nowadays their older sisters and even mothers do the exact same thing.

While at the table, these socially prosperous ladies sip on their glass, saying that they are not hungry and feel great. In their mind, they (while they are still capable to do it) are making clever calculations, converting food calories into drinks calories.

British psychiatrist Adrienne Kay notes that the call to producers gastronomy for labelling the caloric value of absolutely all foods can be fatal for a “limited but important part of society,” namely those who count calories and balance on the fine line between concern for slenderness and obsession with this very concern.

Think well before you trust your weight loss to alcohol-containing beverages or follow the advice to replace food with booze.

Alcohol may cause a dangerous eating disorder!

Alcohol And Diet: Looks Absurd At A Sober Sight!

However, it is certainly not about the labels on the bottles.

The caloric content of different types of alcoholic beverages is not classified data. However, when theorizing about alcohol and diet, drunkorexics manage to take into account not only the caloric value, but the glycemic index of alcohol, as well.

For example,

  • WineTequila and vodka are quite high in calories (200-250 calories per 100 grams), but they have a zero glycemic index.
  • Beer and wine, even though contain fewer calories, tend to raise blood sugar levels, thus inciting appetite and provoking “depositing” of body fat.

“Wine is better than the food, and vodka is better than wine” – concludes the fan of alcoholic anti-obesity agents, basing on the “scientific” approach.

Celebrities add alcohol to the fire, reporting about their dietary revelations, related to alcohol. Many celebrities were suspected in their commitment to drunkorexia, including the scandalous singer Kesha and Miley Cyrus.

Actress Sienna Miller confessed that vodka diet allows her to quickly get in shape, because “vodka discourages appetite and removes excess fluid, and you can’t drink a lot of it, so everything is under control”.

It depends on what you consider to be “a lot”. The cocktail “pineapple and vodka” got a large popularity among the people who try to lose weight quickly. Self-proclaimed “nutritionists” claim that the “elixir” combines two pluses:

Wonderful fat burning properties of bromelain, which is a substance in pineapples (the effects of which, as shown by recent studies, are highly overrated)

The ability of vodka to suppress hunger (also controversial)

To make the “weight loss elixir”, they recommend to prepare liqueur from pineapple with vodka and precede every meal with a serving of this “liquor”.

Anonymous distributors of such advanced recipe promise that vodka with pineapple will help you lose weight fast with no efforts.

Probably, the alternation of high spirits and a hangover on such a “slimming diet” can be attributed to its side effects, as well as the desire to increase the dose in the absence of the effect or due to the developed alcohol addiction.

The Less You Eat – The More You Want To Booze?

Of course, drinking vodka with pineapple for weight loss is not a reason to diagnose DRUNKOREXIA.

However, the mere fact of resorting to such measures to lose weight is a symptom that brings alert.

ALCOHOL AND DIET“When a person is asking himself, whether he should eat or drink, and decides that the refusal from food grants him an indulgence for alcohol, it is not necessarily a serious eating disorder” said Susan Ringwood, the eating disorders specialist – But it is an indication of an improper attitude towards food< which that can catch you in a trap”.

  • If we come to think about it, we often face this at home.

Many people drink and do not eat weekends long, while remaining confident that they are simply putting the eggs in different baskets and do a good deed for their shape”.

With reference to their experience, nutrition specialists also specify that the risk of drunkorexia grows stronger the more restrictions for himself sets the person who tries to lose weight.

We note an extremely often incidence of cases, in which “alcoholic” calories attract those, who have chosen a very strict diet. This fact is confirmed by the recently published study of the University of Florida.

For 10 years, scientists have analyzed the behavior of almost a thousand fans of extreme weight loss. And they found out that the meager the diet, the greater the temptation to get a piece of treasured calories with alcohol.

Moreover, even the tendency to short-term but highly restrictive monotonous diet significantly increases the risk of alcohol dependence in the future.

Doctors explain the relationship between dietary restrictions and the craving for alcohol as follows:

Terrible non-physiological constraints of 500 kcal per day are easier to tolerate when drunk, the more so alcohol acts very quickly on an empty stomach.

And then, the part goes to purely alcoholic changes in the physical and mental state:

  • Not getting enough nutrients, coupled with constant intoxication and dehydration do their work.
  • Even if you manage to get slim, you will certainly fail to preserve your health and beauty on alcohol weight loss diet.

Changes in a person’s ability to make decisions while on alcohol diet are on no less importance.

Drunkorexia risks include:

  • Disorderly sexual relationships and their consequences (diseases, risk of being subjected to violence).
    The absence of control has more mundane forms.

For example, “alcohol diet” often goes hand in hand with increased thrust to further degrading the picture nicotine ( “chained” smoking is typical for drunkorexics also because it is a way to give a distracting exercise to their hands and mouth and suppress appetite).

In addition, drunkorexia in some advanced varieties may be combined with the already mentioned anorexia and bulimia.

In such cases, people that suffering from such disorders claim that :

  • Alcohol helps them relax and removes the fear of food
  • Alternate periods of “alcoholic weight control” and gluttony

Got On Alcohol Diet And Already Lost A Month!

The Less You Eat The More You BoozeNutritionists and psychologists are concerned that drunkorexia becomes more and more popular. This is reasoned by :

  • Myths about the magical properties of alcohol for weight loss
  • Bad example of celebrities
  • Neutrality of society to the use of alcoholic beverages

Despite the fact that everyone knows., what alcohol can do to you, and almost every family has a sad evidence of its “achievements”, the use of alcohol is more often associated with the exploits and bravado, rather than with the disease that requires serious efforts to cure.

Since drunkorexia is not diagnosed as a single disorder, there does not exist any specific therapy to get rid of it.

When a person is incapable to cope with without a doctor’s help, they apply methods that combine the treatment for anorexia and alcoholism:

  • Slow but systematic improvement of diet
  • Enhanced detoxification methods

Those who only got interested in the “miraculous” weight loss methods on the pineapple and vodka, Tequila diet and the like “cool” trends, should carefully read the review once again and stop right now.

The search for a balance between food and alcohol calories is not the balance, you need to acquire a beautiful body and a good health.

There are more simple and traditional ways that are not fraught with a hangover, gastritis and premature wrinkles.