Adipex slimming pills belong to group of anorexigenic drugs that are used for a weight loss and obesity treatment. In the USA, Adipex is among the best-selling Rx drugs to reduce overweight.

  • In the USA pharmacies, you can buy Adipex in capsules and tablets.

Each capsule or tablet Adipex contains 37.5mg of the active substance Phentermine hydrochloride. Adipex is indicated for oral use in obese patients, aged over 16 years old.

In October 1980, pharmacological company Teva got the approval from the FDA to produce and sell Adipex pills within the USA. Moreover, in 1983, Adipex capsules for overweight and obesity treatment appeared at the U.S. pharmacies.

Adipex slimming pills have been highly popular for over 30 years among patients, as well as doctors, who prescribe anti-obesity treatment. Usually, Adipex is used for a short-term use along with low-calorie diets, physical exercises and changed lifestyle.

Moreover, Adipex is used for obesity treatment in Malaysia. In Malaysian pharmacies, people can buy slimming pills – Adipex Retard that also contain the active substance Phentermine hydrochloride.

The trade name – Adipex Retard belongs to a pharmaceutical company Germax Sdn Bhd. While another company, called Scherer GmbH & Co. KG takes part in the production of Adipex Retard.

Adipex Retard is produced in capsules, containing 15mg of the active substance Phentermine hydrochloride.

Adipex Retard capsules are designed for oral intake to cure obesity. You can buy in Malaysian pharmacies pack of Adipex Retard with 100 or 500 capsules.

The name of Adipex Retard is known in other countries, for example, Czech Republic. Thus in Czech Republic, you may find Adipex Retard in extended-release capsules.

Each capsule of Adipex Retard contains 75 mg of Phentermine Resinate, which is equal to Phentermine 15mg.

  • You can buy Adipex Retard in package, containing 30 or 100 capsules.

Adipex slimming pills are prescribed to people, who cannot lose much weight by means of diets and physical activity.

Adipex (Phentermine) reduces appetite and allows obese people to eat smaller amount of food without painful hunger feeling, comparing to the period before using Adipex.

In fact, low-calorie diets result in that a patient, suffering from obesity, consumes food low in calories and more importantly, low in fat. Diets make your body use fat tissue, as they should be used – as an energy source.

Regular physical exercises help the body not only burning more calories, but also increasing the metabolism. Normal metabolism can maintain the body weight after the end of Adipex therapy.

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