A dosage of Adipex 37.5 mg or 18.75 mg is used as an obesity treatment. When treating any disease, it is necessary to calculate a drug dosage to achieve a positive effect. According to clinical studies, Adipex 37.5mg per day is the optimal dose for the most adults suffering from obesity.

When selecting an Adipex dosage, the following factors are taken into account:

  1. Weight, height and obesity degree of the patient
  2. Body mass index (BMI)
  3. The disease severity and the presence of comorbidities
  4. Medicines that the patient is taking

Gender and age of the patient can also be taken into account when prescribing Adipex dosage. Due to the metabolism features, men usually need a larger dose than women do. Adolescents and especially elderly usually take smaller doses than adult patients.

Adipex can be bought by prescription only. It is possible to buy capsules and tablets Adipex 37.5mg at the USA pharmacies. If necessary, Adipex 37.5mg tablet can be divided into 2 parts and 18.75 mg dose can be taken once daily. If you have been prescribed Adipex capsules, do not open or crush them before the intake.

It is recommended to take Adipex slimming tablets in the morning before the breakfast with a full glass of water. Some patients are recommended to take Adipex 18.75 twice a day (in the morning before the breakfast and in the afternoon).

  • Do not take Adipex 5-7 hours before bedtime even if it is a half of the 37.5mg tablet (18.75mg).

Adipex (Phentermine) may have a stimulating effect on the brain for a long time and cause an increased blood pressure. Insomnia and sleep disorders are some of common side effects of Adipex.

Do not use two slimming tablets Adipex in the morning. This may cause overdose or enhance side effects. The most common signs of overdose are tremor of limbs, pain in the head, vomiting and disorders of gastrointestinal tract. Do not take more than 37.5mg of Adipex per day.

Any dosage Adipex 37.5mg or 18.75mg should reduce a feeling of hunger, accelerate metabolism and decrease the weight of the patient. If hunger is not decreased after using Adipex 37.5mg, you should stop the obesity therapy and your doctor may recommend you alternative slimming tablets.

To accelerate the obesity treatment, it is recommended to adhere to a low-calorie diet and to increase physical activity. Regular physical loads accelerate metabolism and burn a large number of calories.

To increase the efficiency of Adipex, it is necessary to develop an individual diet plan. This diet plan should include vegetables and fruits, complex carbohydrates, poultry and fish meat, seafood and dairy products. It is not recommended to consume fatty food, carbonated drinks, fast carbohydrates and fast food.

Alcohol is contraindicated during Adipex therapy. Ethyl alcohol may reduce the efficiency of any drugs. Alcohol and Adipex may cause paradoxical consequences such as uncontrollable aggression, involuntary movements of the limbs and the body, loss of consciousness and memory.

If you have been prescribed Adipex 37.5mg weight loss tablets, you can order them on online pharmacy. You can buy Adipex 37.5mg weight loss tablets not only in the USA but also in any other country of the world.