Are you worried about having too full hips? Well, that’s in vain, because the German scientists found out that extra kilograms on the hips can reduce the risk of:

  • heart attack,
  • stroke,
  • diabetes.

The experiment showed that, unlike too thick and thin people, pear-shaped figures are almost out of risk. The fact is that the buttocks and hips are the safest places for fat deposits.

In women with the pear type of figure, like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, fat accumulates on their hips and does not harm their body.

Metabolism in the body of more slender women works in a different way:

  • the fat settles on the walls of the vessels and disrupts the work of the heart.

It turns out that it is more difficult for them to control the level of sugar and cholesterol, than it is for voluptuous women.

According to the authors of the study, most people with a normal body mass index consider themselves healthy, because they do not suffer from obesity.

“This is very misleading,” the scientists say. Every fifth slender person is at risk of cardiovascular diseases. And this is three times more likely than among people with excess weight.”