Generic Adipex is an effective and powerful remedy for fighting exogenous obesity. An active ingredient of this drug is Phentermine.

The main effect of Phentermine is to suppress appetite by affecting the hypothalamus. The maximum effect is achieved in combination with diets and physical exertion.

Adipex is one of the most demanded and affordable one among weight loss drugs on the market. It is manufactured in the form of capsules and tablets.

Adipex generic is primarily appreciated for the way the weight loss process is going on. This happens as follows:

  • the signal about the body’s need for food is blocked;
  • vital energy is derived from fat deposits.

An obesity treatment course is developed for each patient individually. When using Adipex generic, the following patient’s characteristics are taken into account:

  • degree of disease;
  • possible reactions with other medications used;
  • age;
  • sex.

The duration of obesity treatment by means of Adipex generic can range from several weeks to 2-3 months. Adipex generic should be taken in the morning before breakfast or a few hours after it.

The drug intake in the morning is also important because later use can affect the process of healthy sleep. Adipex generic effect lasts throughout the day – about 10-14 hours.

The drug should be taken in the prescribed dosage. It is not recommended to exceed or take a double dose of Adipex generic. Abuse of Adipex generic may cause addiction, as well as an overdose.

After buying Adipex generic, you should carefully learn the possible side effects of the drug. They may include:

  • dry mouth;
  • diarrhea;
  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • increased heart rate;
  • mood swings.

Other side effects may also appear. Immediately inform your doctor or pharmacist about any unusual health changes. Alcohol use during the treatment course by means of Adipex generic may lead to negative consequences.

Adipex generic should be stored in a place protected from moisture and sunlight, out of the reach of children and at a room temperature.

Adipex price depends on the country in which it was purchased. You can buy it both at local pharmacies and online.

Before buying, make sure that you get the original generic Adipex. Since its popularity grows, there is a possibility of fakes.