Weill Medical College workers found out, that in men with large waist circumferences urination occurs three times more often, than in men with a waist of 90 inches, or less. The study also found that obese men often have high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

Men, who participated in the study, with a waist circumference of 100 cm or more, were urinating more often, than men with lesser waist circumference. Poor erection and difficulty with ejaculation have also been more often observed in obese men.

  • Experts concluded that large waist circumference increases the risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) by 132 -202%.

In addition to frequent urination and increased ED risk, 33.55% of men with waist circumference of 100 cm or more have high blood pressure, 29% have ischemic heart disease, 33% have type 2 diabetes. Almost 40% of obese men have prostate enlargement.

Risk of having elevated levels of prostate-specific antigen is higher by 111% in obese men.

According to the World Health Organization, normal waist size is considered 80 cm for women and 94 cm for men.

If these parameters are exceeded, it already means that various pathologies can develop. Experts recommend starting to take care of your health in an insignificant deviation from the waist circumference standard.
To lose weight, it is recommended abandoning harmful foods and increasing physical activity. In case if a person can not control appetite on is own, he can be recommended diet pills, which suppress appetite. For example, most popular diet pills among the obese U.S. population are Adipex.

Besides the fact that Adipex reduces visceral fat amount and waist circumference, it can also improve your health. Simultaneously with weight loss, men are observed with urination frequency decrease and sexual function normalization.

Studies have shown that Adipex therapy, along with losing weight, also:

  • improves elasticity of blood vessels
  • reduces the risk of atherosclerosis,
  • normalizes blood pressure,
  • increases cells’ insulin sensitivity,
  • normalizes breathing during sleep.

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