In contrast to most other diets, this diet is quite simple.

Golden rules of the one-day diet are as follows: do not consume solid food on one of the days of the week, drink plenty of liquid on this day. Water, fat-burning drinks, whey, juices and tea will wash your intestines and help the body burn fat deposits.

It is not difficult to start

You do not even have to leave your home; it is enough to drink plain water for the one-day diet. If you prefer another option, you can use tea, mineral water and fat-burning drinks. From the standpoint of discipline, it is not difficult to start a diet, because you just need to give up eating, replacing it with liquids.

So, you do not need to count calories or cook special food. In other words, you can start the one-day diet right now. The only thing you should do is just not to eat solid food one day per week.

Down with the temptation!

A chosen day, during which you practically do not consume calories, will quickly become a habit. This usually takes two to three weeks, and a new, healthy pattern of behavior will firmly rooted in your life.

Good habits usually displace harmful

Do not complicate your life. In the first days of your diet, try not to go to the supermarket and do not make a company to your friends who are going out for pizza. It takes not much time so that your success and your new sense of responsibility to yourself, your health and appearance protect you from such temptations. Subsequently it will not be a problem for you to stroll past supermarket grocery stores on the day of the diet. However, it is better not to expose yourself to culinary temptations in the first 4-5 weeks from the beginning of the one-day diet.

Just forget about food

one day dietOne of the most important laws of the one-day diet says: “Nothing to eat is easier than eating a little!” Thus, you will be able to avoid the main neurosis of people who are on a diet – fear of doing something wrong.

The first step: not to eat!

The one-day diet is a form of fasting: you are fasting for a short time (one day), but regularly. However, water consumption on this day in no case should be reduced. Of course, you can limit the amount of liquid you drink, if you think that it will be better for your body. However, all the others who do not support asceticism can be offered to use special drinks, rich in vitamins, minerals and protein.

Yet, body cleansing and weight loss will be successful only if you give up solid food once a week during one day! That is, the one-day diet is not a reduction in the amount of food consumed, it is a real fasting. Drink, but do not eat anything!

Obstinacy is needed

more waterJuices diluted with water can be drunk, but freshly squeezed juices and soups should be avoided. During the one-day diet, you should avoid any consumption of fats. Theoretically, you can cook yourself a vegetable broth, but you need to extract all the vegetables from it. Otherwise, the digestive organs will start to work, but this should be avoided.

Be consistent! Surely, a little eaten yogurt will not damage much; but as soon as the body gets at least a small amount of food, the gastric juice will start to be produced, causing appetite. Then you can think this way: “if I have eaten yogurt, I can eat a little rice.” Naturally, significance of the one-day diet disappears; it will not bring any benefit.

The second step: you need to drink a lot!

The second golden rule of the one-day diet says that you should drink a lot of fluids on the day of fasting. Imagine that you want to thoroughly rinse your entire esophagus, all tissues and cells. When you wash the car, you need a lot of water to wash away all the dirt. Your kidneys, intestines and stomach also need a lot of liquid to get rid of toxins.

Even in normal conditions, the body needs at least two liters of water daily. However, when you eat, a significant amount of liquid comes the body from solid food. For example, fruits and vegetables contain 75% of water; such foods as seafood, poultry, meat and dairy products also contain a lot of liquid.

If you refuse food, the need for liquid should be completely compensated by consumed beverages. In addition, your body needs more fluid than usual on a fasting day.

For the one-day diet, it is important to remember the following:

  • drink at least 3 liters of liquid per day;
  • if you are engaged in sports and / or sweat heavily, then the norm of liquid consumed is 4 liters for you on a fasting day;
  • if you also drink tea and fat burning drinks during the one-day diet, at least 50% of the whole liquid should be in the form of pure water;
  • distribute the amount of liquid evenly throughout the day. If possible, drink at least 400 ml of water,
  • diluted juice, whey or tea every two hours.

What kind of beverages are we talking about?

You already know how important liquid is for weight loss and for the body cleansing. However, of course, not all drinks are suitable for this. Many of them, first of all alcohol, contain a lot of calories and clog the body.

  • Naturally, if you consume them, the body cleansing will not happen.

By the way, do you know how many calories are contained in a liter of mineral water? As much as in 100 liters – none! Water is the central link of the one-day diet. Other beverages that contain all the necessary nutrients, accelerate fat splitting and contribute to the fact that the one-day diet does not seem tasteless are recommended.

Calories coming from liquids

A liter of lemonade or cola contains about 400 calories, the same amount of beer – up to 600 calories, and a liter of red wine – about 800 calories. These drinks should be excluded from the one-day diet. Instead of them, use healthy and non-calorie drinks. A liter of elderberry juice, for example contains only 150 calories.

Water: alpha and omega

water with limeWater is life: do you know that your body composed of 60% water, and blood – 90%? A person can go without food for a long time, but his existence is impossible without water even during a few days. He literally will wither – kidneys and blood circulation will be disturbed.

Benefit of water

Water contributes to release of numerous nutrients from food and takes care of the cells being supplied with blood. In addition, water helps the kidneys and skin to get rid of harmful substances, transport food through the intestines. The most important thing: according to the Eastern wisdom, the person’s life literally depends on water, since it awakens energy in his body. In the one-day diet, water plays a central role. Probably, you wonder what kind of water is best. The answer is simple: drink mineral water and you will not go wrong!

Beverages that burn fat

In addition to pure water, beverages that burn fats are recommended during the one-day diet. You will lose weight faster, adding some acid in your water. You can greatly increase benefit of water consumed, if you add a little bit of apple cider vinegar or freshly squeezed lemon juice.