Adipex is a trademark of a famous weight loss drug – Phentermine. Phentermine appeared on market for the first time in 1959. People have used Phentermine for over 50 years, which became the best proof of its safety and efficiency. On the Internet, you can come across many Adipex reviews, both positive and negative ones.

Obese people, using Adipex pills, create forums where they share success stories of their weight loss journeys with weight loss drug Adipex. The main purpose of Adipex forum is communication. Thus, people who starts using Adipex weight loss tablets can find answers to different questions on such forum.

On Adipex forums people mostly share their experience of using weight loss tablets. For example, in their Adipex reviews, forum users tell about side effects of Adipex tablets and the way you can reduce these side effects, as well as how many kilograms they managed to lose with Adipex pills.

In his review, Jordan Stewart wrote – “Adipex is cool! From now on I choose only Adipex for my weight loss! It took me about a week to get used to side effects, which occurred on Adipex tablets. But when I realized how much weight I have lost, I could barely remember any of side effects”.

Jordan began taking Adipex in January, 2014. In the beginning of his anti-obesity therapy with Adipex, his starting weight was 210 pounds. In February 19, 2014 Jordan’s weight was 185 pounds.

It means Jordan lost 25 pounds less than a month! In his post, Jordan Stewart said that he did sports while he was taking Adipex pills.

“I workout 5-6 times a week, doing abs and waist exercises about 20 minutes per day, plus I run about a mile on a treadmill. My meals contain maximum 1000-1300 calories per day. Adipex weight loss tablets are wonderful, so everybody who wants to lose weight should try them”, – he wrote in his post on Adipex forum.

Another user of this forum Angelina left her comment too.

She said that this was her second treatment course with Adipex. As you know, Adipex is prescribed for a short-term supplementary tool that has to be combined with physical loads and low-calorie diet.

  1. Thus, it is not recommended to take Adipex pills more than 12 weeks in a row. If needed, people can take second obesity treatment course with Adipex 3 months after the end of the previous one.
  2. In Adipex review, Angelina wrote about her weight loss results, as well as how she managed to reduce side effects: “I’d like to say that some people may feel bad after they took Adipex diet pills.
  3. But the main thing to take Adipex slimming tablets regularly, just as vitamins and minerals. During anti-obesity therapy, I had back pain and palpitations. Sometimes I would think my heart wasn’t beating for a few seconds. So I start drinking lots of water, also began eating many vegetables (spinach, greens) and vitamins.
  4. Besides, I’ve noticed that side effects would increase when I ate meat and any other heavy foods, so I quit them. This helped me to reduce the side effects, which occurred while I was taking Adipex slimming pills”.
  5. You may ask any question on Adipex forum and get some tips from those users, who know lots of things about Adipex from their own experience.
  6. If you doubt the efficiency and safety of Adipex, you can read some information on Adipex weight loss drug in feedbacks of Adipex forum users, who have already lost weight with Adipex tablets.

If you are taking or have taken Adipex, please leave your review about this weight loss drug. If you have never taken Adipex, you can get a pharmacist consultation before buying this weight loss drug online in the USA.