How far can you go in search of thrills? An American psychologist invented the diet, which is a real shake-up for your metabolism that lasts nearly a month. Some people call it roller coaster diet for a good reason, so hold on and let’s go!

Duration: three weeks;

Features: cyclic alternation of the daily caloric value;

Cost: comparable to conventional food costs, the diet does not require special expenses;

Cons: the need to count calories;

Result: minus 5.5 kg;

Recommended frequency: is not determined;

Additional effect: metabolism stimulation and normalization of eating behavior;
Not suitable: in pregnancy, breastfeeding, in kidneys, heart, or gastrointestinal disorders. Before you start dieting, make sure you find out the opinion of your physician!

When people get on a risky attraction or on a weight loss diet, they, oddly enough, are expecting the same thing – positive emotions and sensation of flight.

The real roller coasters give it all at once.

However, if we talk about a weight loss diet, will do have to wait

Who Built This Amusement Park?

Rotation DietThis diet plan was published in the eighties of the last century, by the American Martin Katahn, a psychologist, who got interested in current issues of effective weight loss.

The weight loss method by Dr. Katahn is based, as is often happens, on his own experience. He was suffering from excess weight many years, and started looking for a simple solution that does not require serious lifestyle changes and does not drive into a depression with the changes in the usual menu.

While keeping to the diet he himself invented, the psychologist lost 35 kg in a few years. This diet was based on the alternation of fasting days with loading days. All this time, Martin Katahn continued to study the principles of metabolism, and as a result published another popular diet for women, known as the T-Factor, as well as the supermarket guide for healthy food fans.

However, namely the Rotating diet (aka “roller coaster”) brought worldwide fame to Katahn. This diet is known as one of the ways to outwit the weight loss stop phase (plateau effect). Plateau is the negative side effect of many weight loss diets.

This phase takes place due to the fact that nutrition deficit slows down the metabolic processes.
Jumps of daily caloric value allow to cheat on metabolism. This is similar to what the cheater’s diet fans do.

Original name of the weight loss diet by Katahn is the Rotation Diet, yet the fans of the original plan of the campaign for a slender figure came up with more imaginative and sonorous name that captures the essence of its idea – Roller Coaster.

It caught on also because it eliminates the question of confusion with the common therapeutic eating plan for people suffering from allergic diseases (doctors call a rotational diet the eating system prescribed in atopic dermatitis.

Its essence lies in the fact that patients often change products in their diet to prevent allergens from accumulation in their bodies and causing a reaction).

A popular famous diet that implies alternation is the Carbs Cycling diet, which is the favorite diet of athletes.

Alternation of protein-carbs days can help you lose weight quickly and markedly improve your muscle definition. Of course, if you are a fan of regular workouts.

Martin Katahn, in contrast, does not focus on sports. In his opinion, all three weeks of the Rotation diet, people who try to lose weight will have plenty of work with the diet, on which they should focus the most.

However, even though the author of the diet in his book offers a variety of ready-made recipes with a certain caloric value, exercising will be a good way to consolidate the results you achieve through this weight loss diet at the end of the period of metabolic ups and downs.

Cycles Of The Rotation (Roller Coaster) Diet: More Than Three Are Not Allowed!

Rotation DietIndeed, the comparison of this diet with a roller coaster works perfectly for it. The diet is easy to follow and so attractive to those, who wish to lose weight on their own. Yet, it does contain a certain amount of extreme, which, however, can be called a controlled one – exactly like in an amusement park!

You should start from the foot of the high roller coaster:

  • days 1, 2, 3 – 600 kcal/day

Then it is time to rise:

  • days 4, 5, 6 – 900 kcal/day

And here you are at the top:

  • days 7, 8, 9 – 1200 kcal/day
  • from which you will have to rapidly fall, again getting back to the three-day cluster of 600 kcal.

Then, the program continues.

So, in three weeks, recommended by the author of the “roller coaster”, you will experience “rise” and “top” twice, and go down to the “foot” three times.

What Should You Eat While Rolling Up And Down

The author of the Rotation diet for a fast weight loss recommends choosing lean products.

Rotation DietThe fat component in the menu should be provided discreetly, preferring high-quality vegetable oil in an amount of just couple of teaspoons a day, for dressing the vegetables.

You should refrain from frying in oil and switch to steaming or baking your food on the grill or in the oven (without fat). You can easily calculate the energy value of the diet by using, for example, tables of foods caloric value.

The less processed foods you put on your plate and in your mouth, the better.

You should refrain from:

  • bread,
  • pastries,
  • sweets,

However, you are allowed to eat whole grains. Yet, you should control the size of your servings (cereals and legumes are high in calories) and avoid additives in the form of oils and sauces.

It is important to use salt very sparingly, yet you are allowed to season your food with as many spices and herbs you wish.

It is worth knowing that Martin Katahn has provided an important loophole in his effective weight loss diet for those, who want to lose weight, but are terribly afraid of hunger.

In any of the days, you are allowed to eat as many as you wish (without calories limitation):

  • fresh vegetables (focus on those rich in water and fiber, like tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce)
  • non-sweet fruit as a snack 2-3 times a day (the psychologist-nutritionist especially prefers watermelon and apples, so you
  • should also draw your attention to them and avoid sugar-rich grapes and bananas).
  • Drinking regime on the Rotation diet includes a large number (1.5-2 liters per day) of simple non-carbonated water. You are also allowed to drink black coffee and teas, including herbal, without sugar.
  • The last meal on the Rotation diet should take place at 17 hours, not later. If you intend to follow this rule, be sure to consult dietitians on points you should know, when deciding not to eat after six, seven, or other “fatal” hour.

Rollercoaster: Retro Fun Or Timeless Classics?

Dietetics, on the one hand, is responsive to scientific advances and latest trends, and on the other – differs with its well-known conservatism.

For example, virtually all last year we have been watching an impressive change of orientation.

Rotation DietSeveral prominent researchers all of a sudden have rehabilitated fats, which were banished from the healthy menu years and years in a row.

Nutritionists have proved that:

  • just like broccoli does not make people green, fat does not make them gain weight. It’s all about more complex hormonal processes.

Army of fans of the high-fats keto diet is increasing day by day, and the recommendation to run from fat like from a forest fire was declared obsolete.

It seems, the same fate awaits the caloric theory very soon. It has prevailed in the science of nutrition practically since the middle of XIX century. The Prussian chemist Liebig enthusiastically burned different food in the stove-calorimeter and recorded how much heat it emits.

His experiments literally captivated slender waist hunters as much as one and a half century ago.

It is possible that in a few years we won’t even remember about the theory that equates the human body to the red-hot iron crucible.

Increasingly more progressive nutritionists refuse calories counting in principle and recognize their calculation a troublesome and useless occupation.

Modern diets focus on the quality and number of products.It turned out that your waist is not spoiled by butter or abstract units of the energy value, but by the industrially processed foods and the habit of eating for fun.

So, if the Rotation diet helps you make your daily diet more useful in terms of composition and normalize your eating behaviors, getting rid of the dependence of sweets, fast food, baking, it is simply a fantastic result.

However, the healthy diet doctrine has managed to make a huge step since the invention of the Rotation diet.

So it might be a good advice to try something fresher or adapt what you like in this weight loss method to your needs and expectations of your body.