Run and lose weight

You bought the sneakers, decisiveness is there… Well, feel free to join the fans of street jogs! In addition to providing an excellent mood, natural blush and overall vivacity, running will help you get your body ready for the beach season.

So, if you are firmly determined to get rid of a couple of extra kilograms and tighten those parts of the body that lack tone, adjust your mindset for regular and long runs. To avoid loss of forces, it’s important not only to track the time and intensity of the jog, but also to prepare for it in a correct way.

Keep The Balance

First you sweat your guts out while running, and the next morning begins with sore muscles. This is an easy way to fall off the distance! To make sure that you have enough groove for regular trainings during the entire season, you need to ensure a 10% weekly increase in your:

  • distance,
  • speed,
  • time.

In this way you will let your body adapt to the load, and jogging will bring both pleasure and result.

Do The Warm Up And The Cool Down

If you ignore warming up before jogging and cooling down after training, you will certainly be hit with the “side effects” of jogging, including:

  • burdened ligaments,
  • pain in the ankle and knee joints.

Before a jog, it is important to warm up the muscles of the back and the abs, and pay special attention to the knee and ankle joints, as well. Surya Namaskar yoga complex is perfect for this purpose. Make a couple of rounds before jogging.

After the training, have a cool down, and stretch the muscles of:

  • lower leg,
  • back of the thigh,
  • foot.

This will help avoid DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness. If, however, you have overworked, try not to stop your trainings completely. Instead, simply make them less intense.

Load Yourself Significantly And Regularly

Do not expect that everything will be easy for you! Your body should feel the real load from the runs. This is the only way that you will achieve the result. In other words, stop chasing rainbows and understand that you will get a thin waist and slender hips by the summer after runing a kilometer. And, of course, you should run regularly!

Let Yourself Rest

Imagine a situation that you are “bombarding” your body with loads, like a fortress wall. It manages to put some patches on the holes, but, if you make a breather, it will be able to erect a new, more robust construction.

That is, through alternating the high loads intensity with the average ones, you will achieve much greater results, than you would achieve while exhausting yourself with jogging and sweating your guts out.

You can train for three weeks with an increasing load, and on the fourth week switch to the moderate load. It is important that loads also vary from significant to moderate ones within the weekly micro-cycle. If you load yourself “to the limit” every training, you will reach overtraining condition very quickly you.

For example, if you run three times a week,

  • one workout should be “developing” – that is, meet the criterion of “load significance”,
  • other two workouts should be “supporting”, that is, be average in load.

*The main task of supporting trainings is to “work on statistics”.

Running Schedule

RUNNINGLet’s say you run three times a week and start with running 3 km without any problems. Then, a 5 km run will be developing for you – it will require considerable effort. If this is the case, your schedule will look as follows:

  • Week 1: 3 km + 3 km + 5 km
  • Week 2: 3 km + 4 km + 6 km
  • Week 3: 4 km + 4 km + 7 km
  • Week 4 (unloading): 4 km + 4 km + 4 km
  • Week 5 (new cycle begins): 5 km + 4 km + 8 km
  • Week 6: 5 km + 5 km + 9 km
  • Week 7: 5 km + 6 km + 10 km

Watch The Breath

If you care about slenderness, the main task of your trainings is to learn running for a long time. You can withstand such a run only if your breath during the run is calm enough to hold a conversation. This is the so-called conversational pace of the running.

If you are facing shortness of breath during the training, means that you are running too fast and you need to slow down the pace.