Menstruation is a cyclic rejection of functional layer of endometrium (uterus mucosa), accompanied by uterine bleeding. Menstruation is a usual thing for women’s health; its dysfunction is a sign that something is wrong in the body.

The first cause of delayed menstruation is considered pregnancy. Actually, there are many other causes of menstrual delay, such as: stress, use of medication, hormonal disease, physical exertion or change in the body weight. For instance, dietary restrictions, as well as excessive or insufficient weight can negatively affect the menstrual cycle.

To reduce the body mass in women with BMI 27 of higher, doctors often prescribe Adipex weight loss pills.

Clinical and nonclinical studies have shown that weight loss by means of Adipex can restore menstruation. It is known that obesity reduces fertility and affects the metabolic processes in the body, resulting in irregular menstrual cycle.

So that the female body can restore normal menstrual cycle and a woman could get pregnant, there must be at least minimal amount of fat in her body.

The lack of fat tissue in the female body may cause insufficient menstruation, as well as its excessive amount.

  • According to clinical data, every third overweight woman has menstrual irregularities.

To restore menstrual cycle, 10-15 percent of weight loss is enough. Regular use of Adipex diet pills along with a low-calorie diet and physical exertion within 3 months helps to get a sufficient weight loss.

Fat tissue participates in production of estrogen hormone. Excessive amount of fat tissue causes excess estrogen. Because of this, women suffer from hormonal failure and delayed menstruation. Weight loss, caused by Adipex diet capsules helps to reduce the amount of fat tissue and estrogen in the body, meaning it can balance hormones and restore menstruation.

In obesity, women may have lack of menstruation, as well as uterine bleeding.

Besides, overweight women suffer 5-6 times more often from such menstrual irregularities as:

  • Oligomenorrhea (rare and painful menstruation)
  • Amenorrhea (lack of menstruation during 6 and more months)

Women of reproductive age can take weight loss medication anytime, except for the pregnancy and lactation periods.

Given that Adipex provides teratogenic effect, women are recommended to use some reliable contraceptives while taking this drug. These might be some barrier contraceptive means (condoms, vaginal diaphragms, cervical caps) and hormonal birth control pills.

In order to prevent unwanted pregnancy in overweight women, it is recommended to use progestin-only birth control pills. They do not contain estrogen, which is plenty in obese women’s body. Birth control pills, containing progestin, provide a reliable protection from pregnancy during the use of Adipex slimming tablet.

Pregnant women have not been involved in Adipex clinical trials. There is no data on Adipex impact on the fetal development. However, some people believe that Adipex has a teratogenic effect; therefore, it is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

  • Before starting to take Adipex weight loss medication, woman is recommended to do a pregnancy test.

If test is positive and woman got pregnant during anti-obesity therapy, it is better to stop taking Adipex and consult a doctor. Some doctors believe that slimming tablets Adipex, taken at early stages of pregnancy (up to 4 weeks), do not affect the fetal growth.

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