Tea for weight loss

There should be more of a good person, than of bad, everyone agrees with this. However, when women gain a couple of extra pounds, often lose their heads, and then lose their money and health. 

Ladies are tempted at rash steps by advertising offers with promises of a fast weight loss. The most harmless of them seem to be appeals to drink tea made of useful herbs and immediately be ready for a walk through the fashion runway.


Drinking tea with lotus and forgetting about weight problems is only possible when using products originating from the distant Celestial Empire. At least, this is what the Chinese manufacturers claim. After reading about the properties of a magical drink based on exotic plants, the soul sweeps away from the stout body in a hurry to part with it.

Phyto tea may include both flowers of Chinese chrysanthemum unknown to simple people and well-known fruits of:

tea with lotus

  • hawthorn,
  • yarrow,
  • mint,
  • John’s wort.

Exotic names hypnotize, well-known names calm down and cause trust. Indeed, what harm can cause a medicinal plan, if it is a medicinal one?

Moreover, the instructions guarantee, a serious health improvement in addition to a fast weight loss. For example, one of popular herbal teas promises to:

  1. normalize weight,
  2. improve metabolism,
  3. enhance immune response,
  4. fight diseases in all directions.

The recipe is hundreds of years old and is based on the traditions of ancient Chinese medicine. And modern advertising, as well…

Other herbal mixtures can boast with the same long list of medicinal properties. Having bought several packages, any woman has the right to expect an amazing metamorphosis. After all, not only slenderness is promised, but also:

  • silky skin,
  • shiny hair,
  • strong nails,
  • great-great health.

In different countries of the world, the “tea-drinking” that aims weight loss appeared in different times, some being literally the first countries to try it. Why then so many US residents suffer from obesity. Are they incapable of having a course of an effective weight loss aid? Witnesses say that you can lose 5 to 7 kilograms in the first week of consuming herbal mixtures. Still it remains unclear, where then thick people come from?


All companies that produce tea for weight loss, insist on the harmlessness of their product. What can be wrong with removing toxins from the body? Laxatives and diuretics in herbal teas really do cope with this task.

Manufacturers believe that the fact that the beneficial inhabitants of the intestines are eliminated with toxins at the same time is not something worth warning about. The organism that has been cleansed to a shine turns out to be without indigenous inhabitants and is incapable of independent full-fledged functioning.

Dysbiosis is the number one diagnosis for female fans of instant weight loss. Deficiency of potassium (which is also exposed “on the street”) threatens more serious problems with the heart and kidneys.

In the future, chronic constipation becomes a surprise. While the fans of herbal mixtures look restlessly and keep closer to the restroom at the beginning, later their intestines become depressed. Excess stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract results in sluggishness of the bowels and restraint.


A strong dependence occurs, both physical and psychological. Euphoria from weight loss is replaced by:

  • irritability,
  • rapid fatigue,
  • mood swings.

Once the tea-drinking stops, the frightened fat resorts back and settles in favorite places. The effect of stimulants ends, and the body returns to its shores again.

Weight loss due to the diuretic effect leads to a disturbance of the water balance. The first to react to it is your skin, which begins covering in wrinkles. Human skin is not an accordion, and you cannot experiment with it with impunity. Body gains the “wet” kilograms immediately, and the scales show the familiar figure.


Herbal mixtures blunt appetite, it’s true. The question is the price you are willing to pay for it. Studies of ingredients that reduce appetite have shown – such drugs are fraught with diseases of the lungs and heart.

Physicians who consult scanty patients, are unconditionally against the practice of flash-like weight loss. Arrhythmia is just one of the diagnoses that you will be rewarded by the uncontrolled use of phyto tea. At best, you end up with sudden pressure surges, which is especially dangerous for hypertensive patients.


Herbs carry other threats to allergic people. Unknown components can provoke a rapid exacerbation of the disease.

Those who carefully keep stones in the gallbladder, are not recommended to try losing weight with teas for weight loss. Pregnant and breast-feeding women are contraindicated such slimming teas at all.


What should the ladies do, if they firmly decided to gain a new shape and are ready to take risks in pursuit of a slender figure? The temptation to wipe off 5 kilograms per week is huge. Everyone knows about the need to exercise and keep to a balanced nutrition, yet the hands reach out for the “effective and harmless” tools.

First, consult with your treating physician. Is he overweight himself? Then do our best to visit a nutritionist.


You already bought a bunch of pretty packages? Look closely at the information about the country-producer, study the composition of the slimming tea. Tea, certified in your territory, is safer than the imported is.

Be aware that herbal teas for weight loss, containing the drug Sibutramine, are banned in the US and European countries since 2010. A number of popular brands were banned, since the scientists discovered a direct link between the use of their products and cases of:

  • heart attacks,
  • strokes,
  • hypertensive crises.

The usual wellness phyto tea provides a smoother decrease in weight – up to 1.5 kg per month, yet the result is sure to maintain. Of course, it is possible if you support tea-drinking with fitness and discriminating relationships with calories. Waka-waka with fatty and sweet foods are guaranteed to be crowned with cellulite.

Green and ginger tea are also good for boosting the metabolism. They also have contraindications, yet these are much smaller in number.

If you are sure that you can sip tea for weight loss, mark the date of your start with a red fat circle. This tea should not be consumed more than two weeks! Do not forget, you only have a single body and it’s your responsibility to bring no harm to it.