It happens sometimes that you eat all the right and useful foods. And it feels like you have a stone in your stomach after this. Or you eat a small serving of something, and it makes you wishing to take a nap for an hour or two. What’s the matter? It’s all about the wrong products combination!

1. Yogurt and fruit

Suit each other perfectly well.

It is better if you have homemade yogurt with fruit that was grown in your own garden (fresh and without nitrates), or you can search for shops that sell bio-products.

It is a great combination of fiber and protein.

2. Carrot juice and cream.

Any fat helps beta-carotene to assimilate.

Add a tablespoon of cream in a glass of juice.

Remember that without the fat, carrot juice will pass through your body in transit.

3. Fish and lemon

Also walk in a harmonious duo.

Lemon juice can replace spices, and Vitamin C it contains promotes the absorption of iron salts from the fish.

4. Cucumbers and tomatoes

are simply a sweet couple!

There is just one BUT: a salad made of these foods should be eaten immediately after cooking.

Otherwise, cucumber enzymes destroy vitamin C that the tomatoes contain.

On the other hand, salad is not that tasty, if it sits for a while, right?

5. Greens and meat

Are another usual set.

It is better, if you have more vegetables and herbs, while as white meat (lean meat, fish or seafood) – less.

Or, you can replace meat with grains.

They also are best friends with vegetables.